Berry's Accent Elmsdale

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Berry's Accent Elmsdale

238 Park Road,
Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, B2S 0G2

(902) 222-1228


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Over 50 Years in Business

Berry's Furniture was started nearly 60 years ago by Don Berry's parents Alex and Emma Berry. It started out as a small second hand furniture store that turned in a 50,000 square foot store you see in Truro today! In 2016 Don Berry added a second rental in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. A beautiful brand new 27,000 square foot store was opened in March 2017.

Berry's Furniture prides itself on providing the largest selection of top quality furniture and knowledgeable service to all its customers. Don Berry passed away in December of 2017 and the company is currently owned by his wife Margaret Berry. Berry's Furniture is part of the Cantrex Nationwide Marketing Group and Cantrex's Accent Home Furnishings and Appliance Solutions Network of stores.

A team with many years of experience in the field